Indoor Activities

Get some ideas for some indoor activities and ways to keep the kids entertained.

You will find some ideas for games, books, craft and some reviews.

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24+ Indoor Activities For Kids

Wind Up Tractor Book Review (Poppy & Sam’s)

Toucanbox Discount Code And Review

Best Board Games for Kids Voted By Mums

We are a good few weeks into being stuck at home with the kids and are all starting to feel a little crazy! It’s hard to think of ways to keep the kids entertained, especially if they are of different ages.

toucanBox Planet Poster & Snow Globe

Flinns first toucanBox arrived and we were both really excited to get stuck in and see what it was like. As it was his first…

What Are The Best Books For Kids?

Mums share what they think the best books for kids are. There is some poetry, books that create engagement and some classics.

Wicked Uncle – Making toy buying simpler

Wicked Uncle is the perfect site for gift buying. From the homepage you can filter by age (0-150) or gender. There is a great range of creative gifts

The Best Books On Child Behaviour Management

In the lead up to Flinn starting school this month I bought him a couple of children’s books that help with the fear and uncertainty of starting school as well as behaviour in general. I have always questioned if or how these kinds of books help but after a particularly bad tantrum one day thought they were definitely worth giving a go.

GeoSafari Kidnoculars Review

what are GeoSafari Kidnoculars and their features? The boys were very kindly gifted a pair of these Geosafari Jr Kidnoculars Extreme which are essentially binoculars…

17 Non Toy Gift Ideas for Kids.

Once a child hits around 4/5 years old it seems that all of a sudden you are attending a birthday party every couple of weeks. A fancy shiny toy can be the easy option to gift but lately I have found myself trying to think of non toy gift ideas.


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